Learn how solar power can reduce your energy bills.

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Solar energy is the perfect alternative to fossil fuels for producing energy for many reasons. One big reason to switch to solar energy is that it is the most effective way to reduce electricity costs. Another reason is that solar power is cost free (after it’s installed), and as solar is obviously an abundant and renewable source of energy,  it’s easy to take advantage of this clean power source and gain the benefits, whether you are a home owner, commercial building owner, or farm operator. Our team of trained electricians will provide you with an accurate project assessment and quote, install and service your solar installation.


Residential Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the most effective way for homeowners to reduce electricity costs. Solar power is cost free (after it’s installed) and comes from an abundant and renewable source of sun energy. Ask us how you can save money by installing solar panels in your home.


Commercial Solar Installation

Small business owners often find themselves paying the the highest electricity rates compared to larger industrial companies and residential customers. This means that as a small business owner, you may also see the biggest financial impact to your cash flow when investing in a solar installation.


Agricultural Solar Panels

The agricultural industry in Saskatchewan is made up of the best long-term planners in business, and with ample roof space on barns, overhangs, and ground space – solar is the ideal solution to cut operating expenses and insulating against unpredictable rising energy costs.


Solar Panels for New Builds

Solar energy is the most effective way for any building owner to reduce electricity costs, and it is becoming more and more popular in new building construction. When building new, you can drastically increase the value of the building and sell it faster and easier.

Solar Power in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan offers a great climate for solar power generation. We have a high average number of sunny days each year, enabling solar panels to absorb collect a large amount of solar energy. There are also some great economic incentives - SaskPower’s offers a 20% solar rebate incentive (approximately) on your solar system installation, and a net metering program, which allows for credit for excess energy that is produced (see below). This, along with relatively high electricity costs, make Saskatchewan a perfect place to install solar panels on your home or business.


Net metering is a system where excess power generated by your solar panel system can be exchanged for credits which apply to future power bills. This program offers you a great way to benefit from excess power capacity without investing in a battery storage system.

With a net metering system you can size your solar system to produce enough power over the course of the year to completely offset your power bill. Often this means you will overproduce electricity in the summer, and store the credits for use later in the winter.


Anyone in Saskatchewan who installs solar panels under SaskPower’s net metering program is eligible for the rebate.  The rebate is for $0.61 per watt of solar installed which works out to roughly 20% for most installs. The maximum rebate is $20,000.


Saskatchewan has the 4th highest electricity prices of the 10 provinces. This, combined with the excellent solar power climate we have, means the value of producing your own power is higher than average. which makes for a faster return on investment! Contact us for a complimentary site assessment to determine the cost and return on investment for your home.


According to Natural Resources Canada a solar panel in Saskatchewan will produce more electricity in a year than it would in any other province in Canada. While it varies throughout the province the average PV potential is 1,335 kWh/kW/Year.


An investment that is good for the planet and your bottom line.